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Since its founding in 1994 as Israel’s first non-government funded university, the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya has transformed the State of Israel’s educational landscape by fostering competition, moving beyond governmental limitations, and making our students our main priority.
In doing so, IDC has become the premier social sciences university in Israel. At the heart of IDC is a group of educators and administrators dedicated to supporting a strong and vibrant State of Israel.
With 7,500 students from over 86 countries enrolled in undergraduate and graduate degrees in Hebrew and English, and over 14,000 alumni, IDC Herzliya is committed to educating the next generation of leaders for Israel and the world.
Emphasizing an entrepreneurial approach with an insistence on excellence, IDC is an international hub for leaders in industry, government, academia and media.

                                Our Schools 

AFIDC Mission Statement

The American Friends of IDC Herzliya invests in and promotes innovations in higher education that strengthen Israel and the Jewish People.

Human capital is Israel’s greatest natural resource, which leads AFIDC to support initiatives that cultivate the State’s next generation of public and private sector leaders and equips them with the skills, knowledge, and habits to compete globally.  In the policy arena, Israel must act proactively and with a far reaching, practical vision. AFIDC supports knowledge development and events concerned with the long term needs, opportunities, and challenges of Israel’s international and domestic policy.

The futures of Israel and the Jewish People are inextricably bound together. The greater the involvement of Jews in Israel and around the world with one another, the stronger each will be. In recognition of this fact, AFIDC supports programs that open the doors of college and graduate school to non-Israelis through English language curriculum.

IDC Herzliya provides demanding and highly-respected interdisciplinary degrees in fields of importance to Israel’s future, such as business, law, computer science, and government. Students graduate with an appreciation of their own potential and responsibility, an entrepreneurial spirit combined with an ethic of service.  Faculty members engage in research, teaching, and policy development animated by the same spirit. IDC’s research institutes have made significant practical contributions to the fields of law, economics, government reform, counter-terrorism, and diplomacy.


Founded in 1994, IDC Herzliya has already had a profound impact on Israeli public policy and higher education.

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