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Meet Joshua Buchalter, a graduate from the Raphael Recanati International School class of 2023 and an Argov fellow. During his BA in communications studies, Josh's passion for advocacy was sparked by a thought-provoking course project. Tasked with creating a social media project that highlights the differences between Apartheid South Africa and the situation in Israel, Josh's dedication shone through, despite time constraints.

Josh's project aimed to debunk misconceptions hindering progress in the conflict. After fine-tuning and adjusting his project, Josh seized the moment to publish it in after the outbreak of the war, resulting in over 200,000 views and numerous positive conversations.

Josh's journey showcases the transformative power of education and advocacy. Join us in celebrating his dedication to effecting positive change.

In a moving ceremony, Reichman University celebrated lone soldiers on campus who received scholarships from the La'Aretz Foundation. Shelly Pitman and Mike Pitman, the founders of La'aretz Foundation, delivered moving speeches emphasizing their commitment to education and dedication to Israel. They expressed heartfelt gratitude to the reservists for their service, especially during recent months of conflict.

Prof. Boaz Ganor, President, holding David, Shelly and Mike Pitman's baby, Jonathan Davis, La'Aretz founders, Shelly and Mike Pitman, and Lone soldiers on campus

Photos: Oren Shalev

Many scholarship recipients have served over 100 days in reserves, with some missing their first or even second semesters due to their service commitments. President Boaz Ganor thanked both the Pitmans and the reservists for their dedication and hard work. Jonathan Davis outlined our commitment to supporting these reservists academically and psychologically. The scholarships serve as a lifeline for these brave young defenders, enabling them to pursue their academic dreams while continuing to serve their country.

Shelly and Mike Pitman, of the La'Aretz Foundation at the ceremony on campus.

On Sunday, June 30th, the Raphael Recanati International School 's summer ulpan program opened, a vibrant cultural and linguistic immersion experience. The five-week intensive course, running until August 1st, has attracted an impressive 140 students from 32 countries, highlighting the program's global appeal. This year's cohort boasts a remarkable age range, with the youngest participant at 16. The diverse group hails from across the globe, including countries from Europe, the US, the UK, Africa, as well as from Russia, Eastern Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South America, and the Philippines, creating a truly international learning environment.

This initiative wouldn't be possible without the coordination and collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Absorption.

We wish all participants a rewarding and enriching experience as they embark on their Hebrew language journey at Reichman University.

In the photo; Hannah Carr, 16 years old from LA and a student at Shalhevet High School , a Jewish Day School in L.A, Jonathan Davis, and the Ulpan's oldest participant Dr. Raskin Stephen, a radiologist at Sheba hospital, who will be an adjunct faculty member of the new Reichman Medical School in the autumn, originally from Washington D.C.

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