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Comrades in Arms: Anna Sobol Levy Fellows Gain Insights from IDF Reservists

Recently, the ASL Fellows of the Raphael Recanati International School and Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy, and Strategy had the opportunity to meet with their peers serving in the IDF reserves, Jonathan DavisReichman University friend and philanthropist, Prof. Bernie Munk. Prof. Munk recounted his time abroad and his solemn experiences during 9/11, engaging in a historical discussion about the overseas involvement of the US. The group discussed the life impacts on young adults of being in the military as well as in a combat environment. Reservist Ari Lewin in particular talked about the need for calmness and how an intense focus on the situation at hand in a combat zone cannot be taught in a classroom and how that skill can be readily applied to future aspects of one's life.

As Jonathan Davis was giving his closing remarks about Israel's need for regional security, a rocket siren went off and the group safely exited to the bomb shelter as seen in the picture. Following the official meeting, the ASL fellows continued talking to the IDF reservists about their personal experiences in the war following the harrowing events of October 7th. This was an exemplary opportunity for the ASL fellows to interact with and learn more about their counterparts in the IDF as well as a chance to reflect on what it truly means to be a soldier in both the IDF and US military.

Pictured L-R: Anthony Marco (ASL), Menachem Reinitz (IDF), Sam Weiss (ASL), Ari Lewin (IDF), Prof. Bernie Munk, Jonathan DavisValerie Susskind , Austin Land (ASL), Benjamin Amram (IDF)


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