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La'artez Foundation Honors Lone Soldiers with Scholarships

In a moving ceremony, Reichman University celebrated lone soldiers on campus who received scholarships from the La'Aretz Foundation. Shelly Pitman and Mike Pitman, the founders of La'aretz Foundation, delivered moving speeches emphasizing their commitment to education and dedication to Israel. They expressed heartfelt gratitude to the reservists for their service, especially during recent months of conflict.

Prof. Boaz Ganor, President, holding David, Shelly and Mike Pitman's baby, Jonathan Davis, La'Aretz founders, Shelly and Mike Pitman, and Lone soldiers on campus

Photos: Oren Shalev

Many scholarship recipients have served over 100 days in reserves, with some missing their first or even second semesters due to their service commitments. President Boaz Ganor thanked both the Pitmans and the reservists for their dedication and hard work. Jonathan Davis outlined our commitment to supporting these reservists academically and psychologically. The scholarships serve as a lifeline for these brave young defenders, enabling them to pursue their academic dreams while continuing to serve their country.

Shelly and Mike Pitman, of the La'Aretz Foundation at the ceremony on campus.


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