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Legal aid in action-Reichman University's Response Center for Displaced Families


In the face of the October 7th terror attack by Hamas, Reichman University swiftly embraced its commitment to freedom and social responsibility. Recognizing the urgent need for support, the Legal Aid Clinics on campus emerged as crucial first responders. From drafting informative memos on the rights of those impacted by the war to establishing a dedicated legal aid response center, the university demonstrated its unwavering dedication to assisting displaced families.

From left: Adv. Yael Vias Gvirsman (with pink shirt), Adv. Ilan Yonash, Head of the Shira Banki Anti-Hate Clinic, Dr. Neta Nadiv, Head of the Experiential Program, Adv. Sharon Sionov, Head of Legal Clinics, the German Ambassador to Israel, H.E. Stefan Seibert and his wife Mrs. Sophia Gundelach (credit: ALON GILBOA)

Led by the Dean and staff of the Harry Radzyner Law School, Prof. Lior Zemer (Dean), Dr. Neta Nadiv (Head of the Experiential Program), and Adv. Sharon Sionov (Head of Clinical Legal Education), the Response Center was formed to provide free legal assistance, particularly to individuals evacuated from their homes in the south and north.

The Response Center is still active and until today have handled over 600 inquiries spanning a broad spectrum of subjects, including labor rights, youth, housing, mental health, social insurance, welfare, grants, and inheritance arrangements. The multifaceted approach of the Response Center reflects its commitment to addressing the numerous challenges faced by those affected by the conflict.

From left, first row: MK Karine Elharrar, Yarden Levy, Omri Kaplinski, Jonathan Cohen, Hadar Sutker and Aya Kador. From left, second row: Dr. Neta Nadiv, Head of the Experiential Program, Tal Horev, MK Karine Elharrar's Parliamentary Assistant, Prof. Lior Zemer, Adv. Geller Efrat and Adv. Einat Ka

(photo credit: ALON GILBOA)

In times of crisis, Reichman University’s legal aid initiative stands as an inspiration of support, showcasing the power of community-driven action in alleviating the legal burdens borne by displaced families.


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