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May News and Updates from AFRU

Dear Friends, Supporters, Parents, and Alumni,

This was a very busy month spent traveling with our new President, Boaz Ganor, and Vice President, Jonathan Davis, here in the US. We introduced Prof. Ganor to many of our supporters in NYC and LA and he was well received amongst all of our friends. A short trip to Phoenix, Arizona, for the first time, enabled us to meet new like-minded people and we are looking forward to visiting again. Prof. Ganor shared the challenges the university has faced since the October 7th tragedy and his vision for the future.

Our close-knit community has been so supportive of our mission. The goal of these trips is always to increase our network and get the word out about Reichman University. It is of great importance, with the current situations on US campuses, that all young Jewish students understand what a great option our university is.

Reichman University is a safe haven of Zionism and world class education.

Please, if you are visiting Israel this summer for vacation, stop by our beautiful campus and see everything we have to offer! Our office is always here to help coordinate visits for you.

Warmest Wishes,



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