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October News and Updates from American Friends of Reichman University

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Prof. Uriel Reichman Concludes his term as President of Reichman University

Prof. Uriel Reichman, President and Founder of Reichman University (IDC Herzliya), has announced that, effective immediately, he is concluding his term as president. This announcement comes in the wake of the Council for Higher Education’s official recognition of the institution as a university about two weeks ago, and the change of its name from IDC Herzliya to Reichman University.

Prof. Reichman summed up his remarks by saying, “IDC Herzliya was established as a Zionist university, hence our educational outlook, which is expressed in the words ‘freedom and responsibility.’ We teach our students to go out into the world with faith in themselves and their friends. To be entrepreneurs and not accept the status quo if they don’t like it. To live a life of meaning and personal fulfillment of their aspirations, while at the same time caring first and foremost for those who cannot help themselves. And to be willing to protect, physically and morally, the state and its values. This is the foundation of principles on which we built our university, and the 35,000 graduates of IDC Herzliya carry these values with them.”

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