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On the Eve of Israel’s Memorial Day

The eve of Israel Memorial Day for the Fallen is a time to reflect on the bravery and sacrifice of those that served and paid the ultimate price. Their dedication to the country is a testament to their courage and bravery. At Reichman University we mourn the nine students that have been murdered and fallen in the Swords of Iron War, and we pray for the safe return of Idan Shtivi, held hostage by Hamas. The day after Memorial Day, we will observe Independence Day. In regular times, it is a joyous celebration. This year, let us focus on the resilience of our country and the valiant young generation of warriors, including so many of our students who lay down on the barbed wire to protect our country.

Independence Day is an opportune moment to answer our adversaries around the world with a resounding vote of confidence in our country. We stand united, resolute, and unwavering in our determination to safeguard the hard-won independence and sovereignty of the State of Israel. The sacrifices made by our Fallen soldiers and the continued vigilance of our brave men and women in uniform have ensured that the flame of freedom burns brightly in our nation.


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