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Reichman University Honors Noa Tishby With Honorary Doctorate

In a testament to her unwavering commitment to combating the resurgent plague of antisemitism, Reichman University will bestow an honorary doctorate upon Noa Tishby.

Tishby, an Israeli actress, producer, and author, independently carries on her advocacy work, using her public platform to speak out against rising global anti-Semitism.

Reichman University will grant Tishby an honorary doctorate as a symbol of her Israeli courage. The award ceremony will be held next month, and Tishby will attend in Israel. Along with Tishby, other individuals who have stood out for their contribution to the State since October 7th will also be awarded this prestigious honor from the university; among them are Colonel Karni Gaz, Eyal Nave, Hayim Yalin, and Lieutenant Colonel Israel Shomer.

Read the article in Hebrew here  in TMI of Maariv and the English translation here.


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