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Reichman University Ranked 2nd Worldwide in Academic Entrepreneurship

Reichman University is the leading incubator of academic entrepreneurship in Israel and the world.

The data speaks for itself: last week a study by Prof. Ilya Strebulaev from Stanford University was published and found that startups of founders who studied at Reichman University, and received an investment from a US venture capital fund, are 11.3% more likely to reach unicorn status. According to the research findings, Reichman University is ranked second in the world (!). The study included only universities outside the US.

The young Reichman University has produced 14 companies that have become unicorns, and in relation to its size and age, this is an unprecedented number.

The findings emphasize the significant contribution of Reichman University, specifically the Adelson School of Entrepreneurship to the global technology and business industry, and its central role in the success of the State of Israel as a global technology leader


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