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The Iranian Bazaar and Antisemitism on Campuses

Open Letter from the President of Reichman University to the Members of the Academia

By President Boaz Ganor

Something alarming is unfolding across American college campuses — a pervasive wave of antisemitism and violence has overtaken numerous academic institutions throughout the country. It has manifested in racist chants accompanied by overt calls for violence against Israelis, Zionists and Jews, led by groups of “pro-Palestinian” students and organizations.

The backdrop to these incendiary demonstrations is ostensiblythe war against Hamas in Gaza — a war that was imposed on Israel with the horrific massacre of October 7. That day ,members of the Palestinian terrorist organizations slaughtered hundreds of Israeli civilians — babies, children, women, men, and the elderly — mutilating their bodies, committing brutal sexual assaults, and burning people alive. Hundreds more were abducted and taken into Hamas’s tunnels in Gaza. However, Israel’s military response (which, again, came after one of the most heinous terrorist attacks in human history and certainly the largest and most severe in Israel’s history) is nothing more than a flimsy excuse for the surge of antisemitic incidents on American campuses. The rampant and coordinated incitement we are witnessing is the result of the systematic and deliberate indoctrination by a number of extremist faculty members, as well as by Islamist student movements that have permeated American universities. This has often been backed with funding by Arab states and entities, which in many cases also donate considerable sums of money to the universities themselves. This so-called activism is conducted methodically, under the guise of a noble cause, while abusing the fundamental right to free speech enshrined in the first amendment of the United States constitution.

Prof. Boaz Ganor is the president of Reichman University and the founder & former executive director of the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT).


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