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August 2023 Newsletter

Reichman University partners with veteran navy seals for startup launch

Reichman University, in collaboration with the Atalef Foundation and the American Friends of Israel Navy SEALs (AFINS), and the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business, has launched the Version Bravo accelerator, an initiative aimed at assisting veterans of Israel’s Navy SEALs (Shayetet 13) and former US Navy SEALs in launching their startups in civilian life. The program, developed to aid elite naval commandos from both nations to leverage extraordinary work ethic, leadership skills and entrepreneurial spirit of military special forces to develop and grow their own business ventures and to form and benefit from a peer-community of special operators turned entrepreneurs.

The program was born after successful discussion and cooperation between Prof. Boaz Ganor, Executive Director of Reichman University's International Institute for Counter-Terrorism, Jonathan Davis, Head of the Raphael Recanati International School and Vice President of External Relations, Eric Zoller, Chairman & Founder of AFINS, Robert Brenner, Executive Director of AFINS and Yotam Dagan, Israel Director of Version Bravo. All sought ways to assist elite veterans dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress by integrating their ideas in the most entrepreneurial manner and channeling their passion and energy toward constructive endeavors. Leading the program's academic direction is Dr. Gali Einav, Head of the International undergraduate degree in Entrepreneurship at Reichman University in partnership with Prof. Thomas Knapp of the University of Southern California’s Marshal School of Business.


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