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Important Updates from Jonathan Davis (COVID-19)

Dear Students and Parents,  The management of IDC Herzliya continues to regularly monitor the developments and updates on the Corona Virus (COVID-19) spread. We wish to inform you of the following instructions, which were adapted by IDC Herzliya , based on the Ministry of Health's guidelines. Please read the guidelines carefully and act accordingly in order for us to commence the second semester, and do all we can to protect our health.  A. Return from abroad and starting quarantine: Students who have returned from abroad and are required to enter quarantine in accordance with the Ministry of Health's instructions are not permitted to move around campus.  If you are in need of quarantine, either at the dormitories or your own place of residence, please do not leave your room at any time in order to enter any IDC facilities, including classes, exams, libraries, sports facilities and the like. Those who have returned from these destinations should strictly abide by their home quarantine. Those who wish to quarantine in their dorm rooms, must send a request in advance to the management of the dorms. Anyone who has been at the destinations listed below, even for a short stay, is required to stay in quarantine at home for a 14-day period, starting from the date of departure. Mandatory home quarantine includes transfers (connection flights) to those returning from these destinations: mainland China, South Korea and Italy. Mandatory quarantine does not include transfers (connection) to those returning from these destinations: Hong Kong, San Marino, Macau, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, France, Andorra, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Austria.  Members of the Interdisciplinary Center community (employees, students and guests) are required to follow these guidelines and any additional mandatory guidance issued by the Ministry of Health. Other countries and regions might be added to this list in the coming days. We will continue to update you by email and please follow these emails. There are general restrictions on entry into Israel for non-Israeli citizens coming from these areas mentioned above, unless they have filled out a form of the ministry of Health, specially showing they have a place in Israel where they can quarantine. Anyone who requires home quarantine under the guidelines, whether an Israeli citizen or not, must report his or her status to the Ministry of Health by completing this form on the Ministry of Health’s website (click on the global symbol to change into English) or by calling *5400. We ask everyone to respect and fully comply with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health. During the self-quarantine period, you are expected to stay in your room for 24 hours a day for a period of 14 days and you are not allowed out of this specific living area according to the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Health. We recommend that if possible foreign students quarantine outside the dormitories in alternative residence if they have the possibility to do so. However if students do not have this alternative, they need to inform the dorm management of their need to quarantine in the dorms and we will do all we can to assist the student with their food and other needs, while quarantine in the dorms. While in quarantine, or if you could not return to Israel, your academic studies and need to take exams will not be hindered in any way. Students who need to be in quarantine according to the above guidelines are requested to notify the relevant student director. B. Students planning to travel abroad from IDC Herzliya: For IDC  students who planned to study outside of Israel this semester as part of a student exchange – Exchange Programs are cancelled until further notice. Currently, delegations and organized study tours of IDC Herzliya abroad are suspended until further notice. Personal travel abroad— we request you do not travel abroad according to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health. C. Distance Learning: Academic units at IDC Herzliya in collaboration with the Information Systems and Computing Division were requested to make every effort to prepare for distance learning solutions. We will be informing you of the distance learning solutions in the coming weeks, in order to assist you to finish the first semester or begin the second semester if you cannot make it back on time. D. Semester B 2020: Our second semester will commence as planned and we are sticking to the original calendar of IDC. Should changes incur due to the fluid situation at hand or due to the change of the Ministry's guidelines, the management of IDC Herzliya will update you right away. The rest of the IDC’s activities are taking place as usual and we are careful to maintain the daily school and work routine. E. The guidelines of the Ministry of Health are found at: We thank you for your patience and understanding and we work hard for the safety and health of our dear students.  Happy Festival of Purim, Jonathan Davis Vice President for External Relations Head of the Raphael Recanati International School


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