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Reichman University UkrainianEmergency Scholarship Fund

As the conflict intensifies, the Israeli government is anticipating the arrival of thousands of new immigrants to Israel. We have launched an emergency scholarship campaign for Ukrainian refugees who come to study at Reichman University. Please join us in bringing Ukrainian students to live and study in Israel. There are currently 14 students from Ukraine at Reichman University (IDC Herzliya)'s Raphael Recanati International School. Though safe in Israel, their thoughts and prayers are naturally with their families and friends back home. We also have two RRIS students, stuck in the Ukraine, whom we spoke to while in shelters a few days ago, and they are now on their way out in the Western Ukraine. With the outbreak of the conflict, we established a remote psychological support system, including daily contact and attempts to transfer the two young women to a safe place. We will continue to do everything possible to help the students and their families during this period of physical and emotional hardship. We have launched an emergency scholarship campaign for Ukrainian students whose families are now needy. Jonathan Davis has been receiving direct requests for financial assistance from new applicants and from students who have been impacted by the conflict, and is committing Reichman University to help in any way possible. We greatly appreciate anything you can do to assist us in our mission.

Full scholarship- $15,000 Half scholarship- $7,500 Double Chai Scholarship- $3,600 Chai- $1800

Any other generous gift will help us help students from this war region immediately.


To read the full e-blast click here:


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