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Reichman University Celebrates Student Success: Seven "Israel at Heart" Students Intern at Jazwares

Herzliya, August 17th, 2023 – Reichman University is thrilled to announce that seven exceptional students from our esteemed "Israel at Heart" program have been selected for prestigious internships at Jazwares, a leading global toy company headquartered in Florida.

The "Israel at Heart" program at Reichman University has long been dedicated to nurturing and empowering promising students, providing them with unique opportunities to develop their skills and potential. Reichman University strives to advance Israeli society by identifying promising young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and providing them with the education that will allow them to serve as Israel’s next generation of leaders. Through the "Israel at Heart" Ethiopian Scholarship Program, Reichman University makes a special effort to reach out to students of Ethiopian origin and to provide them with the resources and tools they need to succeed in earning an academic degree and contribute to Israeli society.

This exceptional group of individuals from the "Israel at Heart" program, who will intern at Jazwares, are currently pursuing degrees in a variety of fields including Psychology, Business, Computer Science, and Government.

"We are immensely proud of our students who have secured internships at Jazwares," said Jonathan Davis, Vice President and Head of the Raphael Recanati International School at Reichman University. "This achievement underscores the remarkable dedication and perseverance these young scholars have demonstrated throughout their academic journey. We are confident that this internship experience will further enhance their knowledge and abilities, preparing them for successful careers in their respective fields."

Jazwares, renowned for its commitment to innovation and excellence, provides an ideal environment for our students to immerse themselves in real-world challenges and gain valuable industry experience. The opportunity to work alongside seasoned professionals at Jazwares will undoubtedly equip our students with invaluable insights and skills, fostering personal and professional growth.

"We are excited to welcome the students at Reichman University and be able to extend our internship program so that they can get practical hands-on experience from the wealth of experienced professionals at Jazwares," said Amy Kropp, Global Vice President of Human Resources at Jazwares.

Throughout their internships, these students will not only contribute to Jazwares' dynamic projects but also embrace new experiences that will shape their future endeavors positively. Reichman University firmly believes that such collaborative initiatives strengthen international partnerships and build bridges between cultures, leading to mutual growth and prosperity.

"We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Jazwares for opening their doors to our talented students and supporting them on this journey of exploration and learning. We are confident that this invaluable opportunity will leave a lasting impact on both our students and the organization", stated Davis.

About Reichman University:

Reichman University, a leading educational institution in Herzliya, Israel, is committed to fostering academic excellence, nurturing innovative minds, and shaping future leaders. With a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusivity, the university offers a wide range of programs designed to inspire and empower students from all walks of life.

Reichman University’s founders sought to create an Israeli university in which personal achievements go hand in hand with social responsibility. Since its establishment in 1994 as Israel’s first private, non-profit institution of higher education, Reichman University has spearheaded a pioneering and innovative approach to interdisciplinary higher education.


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